Helping Agents Reach Their Fullest Potential

The tools, resources, support, and culture to help you succeed.

It’s no secret that a career in Real Estate can sometimes be a challenge ... But you don't have to do it alone! When you become part of the Bluefield family, you’re joining a company focused on providing our Agents with the tools, resources, support, and culture they need to build a successful, sustainable business. Are you ready to stop trying to do everything on your own, and plug into a proven system that helps Agents thrive?

Why Bluefield?

A Supportive Culture

  • Broker support you can count on
  • Mastermind groups and social events
  • Agent recognition and celebration
  • Agents get a seat at the table

Valuable Resources

  • Best-in-class technology
  • Training tailored for you
  • In-house support staff
  • Access to multiple office locations

Financial Opportunities

  • A proven lead program
  • Flexible commission plans
  • Earn passive income with Revenue Share
  • Build a Team within our infrastructure

Our Proven System

1. Choose a Plan
Choose a Plan based on the current needs of your real estate business and the commission structure that works for you.

2. Onboarding & Training
We’ll help you quickly get up to speed on the systems, technology, and support that you have access to.

3. Start Closing Deals
With the tools, resources, and support of Bluefield at your disposal, you’re free to focus on revenue-generating activities!




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