Millennials Say They Don't Feel Secure At Home

When considering where to live, there are some factors that are based on your specific preferences and others that are universal. For example, we may not all agree on the style of house we'd like but we all value our privacy. Security is another thing we can all agree on. Nobody wants to live somewhere where they don't feel safe. That's why a new survey from Allegion is an eye-opener. The survey, which asked millennials about their living situation, expectations for the future, and their sense of security found that the vast majority of them say they don't feel safe at home. In fact, 74 percent of respondents said they don't feel secure. That's a surprisingly high number. However, some of that is due to the fact that millennials are younger and more likely to live in apartment buildings, where they have less control over their security. But other issues like package thieves – which nearly 40 percent of millennials say they've been a victim of – aren't specific to multifamily living. Fortunately, technological advances such as smart security systems and video doorbells continue to offer us new ways of securing our homes and keeping our families safe. (source)

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