Does Your Home Really Need Expensive Air Filters?

Every air filter has a minimum efficiency reporting value. A higher rating means that the filter is more efficient. You may be wondering if you need an expensive air filter. There are several things that you need to take into consideration.

Who Needs Expensive Filters the Most?

The government typically issues warnings when there is a lot of pollution outside. They will tell young children, the elderly and people with chronic health conditions to stay indoors. If you have to stay inside because of pollution, then having an expensive filter will ensure that you have clean air to breathe.

AC repair experts say, “if you have allergies, an expensive filter may help.” It is also great for people who have asthma and other respiratory illnesses. The HVAC filter can remove allergens that may trigger an allergic reaction. Expensive air filters are also great for people who live in an area with a lot of pollution.

An expensive air filter can reduce the amount of mold, dust, and pollen in your home by up to 85 percent. This will not only reduce allergy symptoms, it can also help you stay comfortable while in your home. Comfort is important because you probably spend about 90 percent of your time indoors.

Furthermore, an expensive air filter will better protect your HVAC system. Dust and dirt forces your HVAC to work harder. That is why it will wear out more quickly. An expensive air filter will not only help protect your health, but it can also help you keep your HVAC longer.

Things to Consider

The cost is one of the things that you should consider before buying an expensive air filter. The price of air filters can vary greatly. While you can get a cheap air filter for less than $5, you may pay over $30 for an expensive one. This can put a strain on one's budget if funds are tight.

If you have a clean home that does not have a lot of dust or dander, then you probably do not need an expensive filter. Home inspection experts explain that “it is also important to note that even a costly or high-quality air filter can restrict air flow if they become dirty. Which is why it’s so important to clean or replace air filters over time.” It may seem like a large investment, but you could be wasting more money in your bills because of it.

An expensive air filter may be worth the money because it can reduce allergens and improve air quality. However, they can also be costly and can restrict air flow if they are dirty. The needs of your family and home are what you need to consider before choosing an air filter.

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